Riendeau's expertise in appeal procedures

Whether to appeal a conviction or a sentence imposed by a judge of the Court of Quebec or the Municipal Court of Montreal, our lawyer’s experience in appeal proceedings can represent you before the Superior Court or the Court of Appeal. In order to preserve your rights, it is essential to consult a lawyer experience in appeal as soon as possible. Call us to discuss your calling possibilities

What is the deadline for bringing a case on appeal?

It is important to contact an appeal lawyer as soon as possible if you wish to appeal your case. In fact, regardless of the record, the time limit imposed is 30 days from the conviction by a judge of the Court of Québec or the Municipal Court and not from the decision on the sentence. If the 30-day period has expired, it is possible in certain specific cases to submit a request for extension of the appeal period. Two elements must be present:

1. You must have intended to appeal before the end of the 30-day period

2. You must have exercised due diligence in exercising your right of appeal And finally, the means of appeal for your record must be serious and sustainable

What type of file can be appealed?

To win a case on appeal, it will be necessary to detect errors of law, fact or mixed facts and rights in the judgment rendered in the first instance. It is important to understand that if no error has been made, your appeal will be dismissed, even if the trial judge’s decision does not seem adequate to you. Contact a qualified lawyer to find out if such errors are found in your file.

Can we re-trial a court of appeal?

Contact us now!

Not all law firms offer the possibility of filing appeal files due to the complexity of the proceedings. At Riendeau Avocats, we have lawyers dedicated to such matters. They therefore have the necessary knowledge to properly identify errors in the trial judgment and to deal with long-term cases in the Superior Court and the Quebec Court of Appeal. Contact us as soon as possible to know your possibilities to bring a judgment on appeal!